Reminder: “Inbox Dollars” (USA)
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

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Kuneo Koei

Past: Back when Kuneo Koei was a wild-eyed cross between a raging record-label and "ultra" fearless fiction publishing-company, they were leaders and pioneers of change for the styles of entertainment made available, unfortunately, right near the point in time where political-correctness and high-powered censorship began to kick into full gear.

Present: Today, while the heavily changed media landscapes continue to transform, Kuneo Koei stands apart from all allies, competitors, and influencers, working behind the scenes; their main strengths still founded in uncommon audio and publication ventures.

Future: While Kuneo Koei is never in favor of speculation, there were many moments during previous operations where their fingers dipped into pies made of technology (and many similar ingredients). Perhaps a while into these new chapters, many unrealized or pondered explorations can be revisited (and maybe even acted upon).

Now: Right this moment... Kuneo Koei is restructuring, nurturing old ideas, seeds, wounds, and overall lurking on the curves seen and not yet, engineered...


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