--> was a leader in diverse entertainment-media production, publication, distribution, and licensing.

Still a leader, now primarily focused in working as a supporting-entity to 'interesting' talents and 'emerging' ventures.

^ Whatever the heck that means, aye?

Below is a summary of strengths @ KuneoKoei.com -- Whether you're an accidental-entrepreneur or seasoned-executive, Kuneo Koei is honored and proud to serve your business-casual and professional-socialite, delights! Just want to chill? Click the "Enter" button below!!



The whole mentoring thing is out of control. Entire micro-industries have been built on it. While some individuals/entities are decent at it, not many people come away having achieved above-average fundamental/critical-thinking. Kuneo Koei is excellent at breaking things down and building them back up from what's immediately important and valuable vs. wasteful. Think you might need help? Find out! All businesses and entertainers are welcome...



You hear words -- Words like marketing, promotion, licensing, expansion etc. Depending on place, time, and perspective, they can (and will) mean very different things! What one person or company believes they are engaged in is subjective, based upon the reality or culture they set as their precedent for failures and success. Exploring yours takes an unbiased, uninhibited journey into the depths of fears, skills, and resolution. Are your outcomes warranted or is there more?



If you've ever asked yourself: How can I help myself..,?Who can help me..,?What's available to help..,? -- *Insert_Blank* -- then you've been engaged in what some circles call the magical activity of, SOURCING - Congratulations? - On a serious note however, even the simple act of choosing the best networks to leverage your awareness and communications can be the precise difference between quick and total failure or long and everlasting growth! No jokes, just facts!!