“Dimension” (@katlinakliewer)

KUNEO KOEI is happy to announce their first Fiction-work publication, setting the entry stage into 2019 (and beyond) — “Dimension”, a Psychological/Survival Horror short-story, penned by KATLINA KLIEWER is currently being demoed via its official webpage, located at: http://kk3.co/dimension — Please head on over and take a sneak-peek at this bizarre, mind-bending read! You are a Fan of David Lynch, Silent Hill (Games I & II), or Jacob’s Ladder (90s Movie)?! Good!! Please read now…


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: “Kuneo Koei” @kuneokoei ]|[ “Takeo Tama” @takeotamausa /|\ (December 1st, 2018)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: WINONA, MN (December 1st, 2018) – KuneoKoei.com — A Kuneo Koei advisory has issued information detailing the whereabouts regarding the company’s created and licensed materials for the years 2019 and onward. A majority of the company’s contents are now made available via the Takeo Tama brand and are accessible via Apple iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, & Google-Play. For more information please visit:



Takeo Tama is a Music and entertainment provider, offering a variety of Songs spanning many genres and styles including Classical, Electro, Pop/Rock, and 8/16-Bit (a.k.a. Chiptune).


Kuneo Koei is a Master-Holdings (i.e. forms-USA — PA/SR/TX/VA) Rights-Controller as well as general Products/Services aggregator and Music/Entertainment licensor, issuing a variety of titles which includes Songs ranging many genres and styles such as Classical, Electro, Pop/Rock, and 8/16-Bit (a.k.a. Chiptune).


Not “Business” As Usual

These, “entities”, fighting over more control and the non-requirement to pay realistic proceeds to the creators who empower their platforms is, “lowly” and for cowardice (at best); but, people don’t always understand the full paths of actions needed to bring them their entertainment and sometimes, paradigms just alter to a point where it simply doesn’t matter anymore. Has MUSIC gone the way of POETRY? Is it possible?? Very much, yes…


“Disagree Disappear” (SEKRETT SCILENSCE™) [@pianoelectro]

Song: “Disagree Disappear” Artist: SEKRETT SCILENSCE™ Label: Takeo Tama @takeotamausa — Rock isn’t dead! But how would you know? Well, come find out!! — KUNEO KOEI™ is proud to present a powerful Rock & Roll ballad, unlike anything released by the so-called Music-entertainment industries in a very, long while. So, don’t just take our words for it; bring “your” ears and stay for the evolved, listening journey…

AudioGambler.com @audiogambler

Now, there is new method to discover a ton of KUNEO KOEI associated products & services over the Internet; introducing the “Audio Gambler” website destination — From this web-page, you can quickly access all audio-catalogs and additional information, without any hassle! Quickly get to the locations you want to be at and be free to contact-us via any URL that contains a form, e-mail, or call/text numbers. What waits for now?!


Some Things Don’t Go Down Lightly

You can play peek-a-boo or, you can just come out from the alley and say, “Boo” — No matter what, a lot of times, you just can’t keep some things, people, or places down – and furthermore, sometimes, you just can’t stop the rock; end all, period. But despite anything, no matter the distances or pledges failed, upon new success and powerful reinvention, there shall and there will, be blood. Into a new mirror, out from a cold leap, all new ventures stand aside and become null and void. Tendencies calm but not for long. Many other things become numb but not at all, forgotten…