Kuneo Koei Media, Products, & Services co.

No auto-tune! No posers!!

Kuneo Koei is a Master-Holdings (i.e. forms-USA -- PA/SR/TX/VA) Rights-Controller as well as general Products/Services aggregator and Music/Entertainment licensor, issuing a variety of titles which includes Songs ranging many genres and styles such as Classical, Electro, Pop/Rock, and 8/16-Bit (a.k.a. Chiptune).

All Audio is available where sound-recordings are sold and are ready for placement in Film, Television, Video-Games and similar productions.

Publishing related Works such as Fiction are distributed/syndicated directly or as designated per third-party agreements. (Note: Kuneo Koei now currently has new literary-projects in circulation for Q1-2019+ -- Updates will be posted here, immediately).

NO Lists, NO Sign-Ups, NO Junk.

Via social-media, Kuneo Koei has helped creators/teams who are exceptional at their crafts to expand awareness/exposure to new audiences, (commonly) free of charge.

Content, Links, and Items shared have included uploads by Labels, Musicians, Publishers, Streamers, Twitch-Gamers, Writers, YouTubers, and related communities.




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